A divorce is the legal step to end of marriage. You must apply for divorce online.

  • To ask for a divorce you must
    • live apart from your husband / wife for one year.
    • fill in a form online.
  • When you are divorced, it means you are not married any more.
  • After divorce, you may still be a parent and even own property with your ex.
  • You must decide what to do about children and property.
  • If the rules about getting a divorce are hard to understand, ask a lawyer to help you.

Text based resources about this topic


NT Law Handbook – Couples Who are Married: Divorce

This chapter of the handbook explains the law for divorce in the Northern Territory.

How do I apply for a Divorce

This is the website to apply for a divorce.

Glossary: What these words mean


Property is something a person owns. It can include:

  • real estate: family home, investment property or commercial property
  • vehicles: cars, trucks, caravans, boats, trailers and motorbikes
  • money: cash or in bank accounts
  • shares or stocks: in a business or partnership, or a family or public company
  • insurance policies
  • superannuation
  • jewellery
  • furniture and household items
  • debts: mortgages, loans, credit cards and personal debts.

Divorce happens when you and your partner decide to end your marriage by going to court and having a judge legally separate you.

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