Sometimes counselling can help you and other people work things out.

Family and relationship problems happen between partners, parents, children, friends and other important people in your life. All relationships go through hard times and have problems.

If your relationship problems become overwhelming, you can ask for help. Counselling can be a good way to help work through problems so your relationship can be strong again.

You can talk to Relationships Australia Darwin about counselling. Their phone number is 1300 364 277.

Sometimes relationship problems can lead to legal problems. If this happens you should get legal advice.

Text based resources about this topic


Family safety pack (46 languages)

The family safety pack explains what Australian law says about domestic and family violence, sexual assault, forced and early marriage, and family violence and partner visas. The pack is translated into 46 different language.

Forced and early marriage fact sheet (English)

This fact sheet explains what Australian law says about forcing someone to get married.

Communication Skills

This fact sheet is about communication skills for good relationships.


What are family and relationship problems?

This factsheet has basic information about family and relationship problems.

View graphic resources like posters and photos


Domestic and family violence storyboard

This poster shows people what the law in Australia says about domestic and family violence, and how to get help.

Click here to view Domestic and family violence storyboard

Glossary: What these words mean


Counselling is when you talk with a counselor. They are a person who is trained to listen and help you work through relationship problems or other problems in your life.

This website gives general legal information. It is not legal advice. If you need advice for your problem, please talk to a lawyer.

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