If you are a tenant and you pay rent to a landlord or agent, they have to follow rules to end the lease or agreement. The landlord or the agent cannot make you leave anytime. They must follow the law.

Text based resources about this topic


Termination of Tenancy by Landlord

Darwin Community Legal Service’s Termination of Tenancy by Landlord factsheet tells you what reason the landlord or agent can end your lease and have you to move out of the house and how much time you have in different circumstances.

Tenancy Disputes in the NTCAT

This factsheet tells you about taking disputes to the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Glossary: What these words mean

end date

The date you and the landlord or agent agreed that you will move out of the place you rent. This date will be written on your lease.


The written agreement about the property that you are renting that you make with your landlord or agent. It’s signed by both of you.

A lease is also called a tenancy agreement.

Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NTCAT)

The Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NTCAT) is a special kind of court that helps people quickly solve problems that might take a long time in other courts. It tries to be low-cost, easy, quick, and informal; to use plain language; and to help people with special needs. It helps with problems like disputes between tenants and landlords, and other kinds of problems.


The person or company who owns the place that you pay rent to live in.


Someone who is looking after the house for the landlord and collecting rent money.

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