You can only drive a car on the road with a licence that is approved by the Motor Vehicle Registry.

  • You can only drive a car/truck/motorbike on the road with a licence that is registered with MVR and is up to date. It must be the right type of licence for the place and car, truck or motorbike you want to drive.
  • If you get caught without a proper (valid) licence you may get a fine or go to jail.
  • You might also not be allowed to drive for a longer time.
  • Call Helpline for more information and to make an appointment to talk to a lawyer.


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Licence classes and conditions

This page provides information on licence types and the main licence conditions.

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What’s the Law – Driving Rules

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Glossary: What these words mean


This means something is still good to use. For example, having a valid licence means you are allowed to drive. The licence has not finished or been cancelled.


A licence lets you do something that other people without a licence can’t do. For example, a driver licence is a card or paper from the government that says you can drive. It says the kind of car, motorbike or truck that you can drive. You can use the licence until the expiry date. After the expiry date you need to renew it.

A gun licence (also called a firearm licence) is a card or paper from the Government that says you can use a gun. It says the kind of gun you can use and where you can use it.



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