There are rules about when an agent or landlord can come to your house.
The landlord or agent must tell you BEFORE they come to the house, the reason why they want to come and what date and time. It must be a time that is good for you.

  • The landlord or agent must tell you why they want to come to your house. If they do not tell you why, you should ask for the reason.
  • They can email you, send you an SMS or a letter telling you
    • the reason why they want to come and
    • what date and time they want to come.
  • Make sure the date and time that they want to come is good for you.
  • Tell them if it is good or if not, ask them to come another time.
  • They can only come into your house without telling you if there is an emergency or major damage to the house.

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Glossary: What these words mean


An SMS is a text or written message you get or send, usually using your mobile phone. SMS stands for standard messaging service.


The person or company who owns the place that you pay rent to live in.


Someone who is looking after the house for the landlord and collecting rent money.

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