If you are not happy with a decision of the Department of Housing, you can lodge an appeal with the Department of Housing.

Ask a lawyer to help you with the appeal.

The Department of Housing can ask you to move to a new house if the number of people living in your house has changed or if there is major damage to the house you are living in.


The Department of Housing should give you a reason why they want you to move to a new house.


If you are not happy with the decision of the Department of Housing you can appeal the decision.


You have two years to appeal the decision.


Talk to a lawyer if you are not happy with a Department of Housing decision.

Text based resources about this topic


Appeals Policy
This is the Department of Housing’s Appeal Policy and tells you what decision can be appealed.
Entitlement Policy
This is the Department of Housing’s Entitlement Policy which tells you about what you may be entitled to.
Northern Territory Law handbook – Renting
This is the chapter about renting from the Northern Territory Law Handbook.

Glossary: What these words mean

When you do not agree with a decision made by a government department or court, you can ask a more senior person to check if the decision was right and fair. This is called an appeal.

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