You have to wait until they call your name. Sometimes you might wait all morning or all day.
In the court room, your court case can take a short or long time.
A lawyer can give you advice about how long it will be.

Most people have to come back to court a few times before their court case is finished.
Some court cases can take up to 2 years.

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Plain English Legal Dictionary

A dictionary of general court, legal and criminal law terms.

Going to Court

Booklet explaining what you should do to prepare for court and what will happen at court.

Glossary: What these words mean


When a person is guilty, it means that a judge or jury decided that he broke the law.


If you are charged with an offence and go to court, the just will ask you whether you agree with the charge(s) or not. the answer you give is called a plea. There are two basic types of plea: guilty and not guilty. If you agree with the charge, and that you broke the law, you plead guilty. If you disagree, you plead not guilty.


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