You can ask your employer what super company you are with. You can also call the ATO to find out.

Then you can talk to your super company and ask them how much money is in your account.

Your employer can tell you what super account they pay your money to. You might have more than one super account. Ask the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to tell you how many accounts you have by calling 13 10 20. You can also find your super through myGov at

Then you can talk to each super company and ask how much you have. Ask them about insurance and fees.


Who Can Help? (Service Providers)

logo-helpline-1.png Helpline
TEWLS Law Info TEWLS (Top End Women’s Legal Service)
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Finding lost and unclaimed super

This webpage tells you how to find lost and unclaimed super.

Young people and superannuation

This web page has facts about super for young people.

Get to know your super

This web page explains how you can find out about your super.

Manage your super: New to Australia

This web page has information about managing your super for people who are new to Australia

Keeping track of your super

This web page explains how to find out where your super is and how much you have.  

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Dealing with family pressure about money

Uncle Charlie is about to receive a big payment. See how he deals with pressure from his family and friends to give them money.


ASIC’s Indigenous Help Line – 1300 365 957

In this video, Robynne Quiggin, Senior Manager of the Indigenous Outreach Team (ASIC) explains the Indigenous Help Line.


Don’t leave your money behind

Learn about finding your super when you have worked in Australia as a temporary resident.


Too many super accounts?

This video tells you how to find your super and get it into one account.


Glossary: What these words mean


myGov is a secure way to access government services online with one login and one password.


Money you pay in exchange for a service (something that a company or person does for you).

Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) collects tax for the government. They also look after the tax and superannuation systems.

super company

A company that manages super accounts for lots of people.


Superannuation (super) is money your employer has to pay to a special account, where it is saved for you until you reach a certain age.


The person or business you work for.


A way to protect people from losing money. You pay money to a company and if something happens—like an accident or injury—they pay for the costs.

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