You might be able to get a crisis payment from Centrelink.

Explain to Centrelink why you need extra money.

There are organisations that give emergency relief – things like money or food – to people who are victims of domestic violence.

People who are victims of domestic violence might be able to get compensation (money) from the government.  This is called victims of crime compensation.

If you need somewhere safe to stay, there are women’s shelters (safe houses) in different places in the NT. You can find a list here. There are also safe houses in remote communities; You can find a list here.  

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Centrelink Crisis payment

This page talks about how you can get a crisis payment from Centrelink if you have suffered domestic violence.

Glossary: What these words mean

domestic and family violence

When one person uses violence, threats, force or intimidation to try and control another person in a domestic relationship. Domestic violence includes:

  • what someone says
  • what someone does
  • what someone threatens to do.

Domestic violence can include damaging property, controlling money, or controlling where a person goes and who they see.

crisis payment

A crisis payment is a single payment to help people who are experiencing difficult or extreme circumstances.

safe house

A place women and children can stay to be safe from domestic violence.

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