Talk to a financial counsellor or a lawyer.

Financial counsellors help you with money problems. They can help talk to the people you borrowed the money from to work out a plan. Financial counselling is a free, private service. You can find one here.

You can also get some legal advice from a community legal service. 

Text based resources about this topic


Dealing with debt

This web page has information for young people about dealing with debt.

Buying a car

This web page has information for young people about buying a car.

Find a Financial Counsellor

This website will help you find a financial counsellor near to you.

Debt Self Help

This website offers free financial counselling to help fix your debt yourself.

Dealing with debt collectors

This webpage explains what to do when people are chasing you for money

Urgent help with money

This brochure shows where to get urgent help when you have problems with money

Watch videos about this topic


Buying a car – Take a minute with your money

This video explains how to get the best deal on a car and on your loan, if you get one.


Sorting out your money problems

This video talks about getting help to get on top of your bills. 


What is financial counselling?

This video explains what financial counselling is and how it can help you.


Glossary: What these words mean


Credit can mean two things:

  1. when a bank gives you money and trusts you to pay it back by a certain date. For example, you might have a credit limit of $1000 on your credit card. This means that you can spend up to $1000 because the bank thinks you will be able to pay it back.
  2. when you have paid more money for something than you needed to. Credit is the extra money you paid.

Debt is owing someone money.

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