This sounds like a scam. If you think you have given your details to a scammer, contact your bank straight away.

Did you buy a lottery ticket? When a person wins the lottery, they don’t need to pay more money to get their lottery prize.

If you get a letter, phone call, email, or text message that says you have won a lot of money or a prize (like a holiday or iPad), think about if you entered a competition or bought a ticket. If you haven’t, the message might be a scam. Scammers will ask you to give your details or pay a fee to get your prize. Be careful about who you give your details to.

If you think you have given your details to a scammer, tell your bank. You can also report scams to Scamwatch.


Who Can Help? (Service Providers)

logo-helpline-1.png Helpline
TEWLS Law Info TEWLS (Top End Women’s Legal Service)
Text based resources about this topic


Online scams

This web page has information for young people about online scams.

Scamwatch: Where to get help

This webpage tells you what you can do if you have lost money or given your details to a scammer.

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Get smarter with your data

This video tells you how to protect your personal information.


Too good to be true

This video is about deals that are “too good to be true”, such as free phones or tablets.



Phone Hunters Yolngu Matha Version

This film explains phone scams. It tells you what to look out for when someone calls you. (Yolngu Matha version)


Learn how to spot phishing and spam email

This film shows how to spot phishing and spam emails and common ways to identify them.


Phone Hunters English Version

This video shows you how phone scams work. It tells you what to be careful of when people call you on the phone.


Lottery Scam

This video explains the lottery scam


Glossary: What these words mean


Deposit can mean two things:

  1. to pay money into an account.
  2. to pay a part of the total money owing. This is called a deposit.

A scam is when someone lies to get money or information from you.

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