If you need help, call the Police on 131 444. In an emergency, call 000.

A judge can make a DVO rule to tell a violent person to leave the house.
This is called a vacate order. Call the Legal Aid helpline for more information.

When there is domestic violence, a judge can end a lease, change a lease or make a new lease.

A judge can tell the person to move out (a vacate order or premises access order). The judge can do this even if the person owns the house or is on the lease.

Ask a lawyer to help you if you want to change a lease because of domestic violence.

If you need somewhere safe to stay, there are women’s shelters (safe houses) in different places in the NT. You can find a list here. There are also safe houses in remote communities; You can find a list here.  

Text based resources about this topic


Staying safe
Family safety pack (46 languages)

The family safety pack explains what Australian law says about domestic and family violence, sexual assault, forced and early marriage, and family violence and partner visas. The pack is translated into 46 different language.

Safety Planning

This booklet explains what a safety plan is and gives information to help you make one.

Domestic Violence and Tenancy

This factsheet talks about domestic violence and renting.

View graphic resources like posters and photos


Domestic and family violence storyboard

This poster shows people what the law in Australia says about domestic and family violence, and how to get help.

Click here to view Domestic and family violence storyboard

Glossary: What these words mean

domestic and family violence

When one person uses violence, threats, force or intimidation to try and control another person in a domestic relationship. Domestic violence includes:

  • what someone says
  • what someone does
  • what someone threatens to do.

Domestic violence can include damaging property, controlling money, or controlling where a person goes and who they see.

vacate order

A judge can make a vacate order to remove a violent person from a house, even if they own the house or are on the lease.


The written agreement about the property that you are renting that you make with your landlord or agent. It’s signed by both of you.

A lease is also called a tenancy agreement.

safe house

A place women and children can stay to be safe from domestic violence.

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