If you are being bullied or threatened on your phone or online, you can talk to someone at 1800 Respect. Call 1800 737 732.

Using phones or social media to bully or threaten someone can be technology abuse. Technology abuse can happen on:

You can protect yourself from technology abuse:

  • change your privacy settings
  • block the person from your phone or social media accounts
  • delete your account or get a new account
  • use passwords and change them
  • don’t check in on social media
  • tell your friends and family not to tag you
  • ask for help
  • keep a record of the abuse
  • talk to a lawyer about applying for a DVO.

Read about safe technology use on the eSafety Women website.


Text based resources about this topic


Online safety
SmartSafe: Technology Safety Planning & Privacy Tips

This webpage provides information on keeping safe online. It also has useful tips on changing passwords, making a new social media account and changing mobile phone settings.

SmartSafe: Smartphones, social media and other technology

This webpage talks about the different kinds of technology abuse. It also provides links to online safety.

Report a Cybercrime

This website allows you to report a cybercrime with the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.

eSafety Women: Take Control

This webpage tells you about how to stay safe online. You can also watch women’s stories.

eSafety Women: eSafety checklist

This webpage has a checklist you can use to protect yourself if you think you are being stalked or harassed online.

Watch videos about this topic


eSafety Women: Alicia’s story

This video tells the story of a woman who was being abused online by her ex-partner. It looks at how the woman protected herself and her 7-year-old daughter and where she got help.


Glossary: What these words mean

location services

technology that can show your location


stop someone from being able to phone you or see your online profile 

instant messaging

a type of online chat

checking in

showing people your location when you are on social media


making a link to another person’s profile on social media

social media

websites and apps that let you share photos and messages or meet people on the internet


technology abuse

when someone threatens, harasses, bullies or stalks you with technology.

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