If you leave your house before the lease is finished or before the end date, you may have to pay extra money to your landlord or agent. Tell the landlord before you leave.

  • If you want to leave your house before the lease is finished,
    • Tell your landlord before you leave.
    • Tell them as long as possible before. Then they can find someone else to rent.
    • If possible tell them in writing. Keep a copy.
  • If your landlord can’t find someone else to rent the place, you may have to pay rent money up till your end date.
  • If your lease has no end date, you must tell your landlord or agent that you have to leave 14 days before the day you want to finish living in the place and paying rent.

Text based resources about this topic


Termination of Tenancy by Tenant

Darwin Community Legal Service’s Termination of Tenancy by Tenant factsheet tells you how a tenant can end a lease.

Tenancy Disputes in the NTCAT

This factsheet tells you about taking disputes to the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Glossary: What these words mean

end date

The date you and the landlord or agent agreed that you will move out of the place you rent. This date will be written on your lease.


The written agreement about the property that you are renting that you make with your landlord or agent. It’s signed by both of you.

A lease is also called a tenancy agreement.


The person or company who owns the place that you pay rent to live in.


Someone who is looking after the house for the landlord and collecting rent money.

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