If it is the first time police catch you drug driving you may get a fine.
If it is not your first time drug driving, or if police think you did something serious, you will go to court.
In court, the judge will decide what will happen to you.

The judge decides the punishment for people who go to court for drug driving. The judge will think about:

  • What kind of drugs the person took
  • How much those drugs affected their driving.
  • How many times the person was in trouble in the past for driving offences

Most people who go to court for drug driving will also lose their drivers licence for 6 months to 2 years. Sometimes even longer.

The judge might send a person to jail for serious (bad) drug driving crimes.


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Glossary: What these words mean

drug driving

Driving a car after taking drugs. The law says this is not allowed.


An offence is doing something that breaks a law.

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