Talk to the other person and ask them if they have insurance or if they will pay to fix your car.
You can write a letter to them that tells them how much it will cost to fix your car.
If they do not want to pay, you can get help from a lawyer.


Who Can Help? (Service Providers)

logo-helpline-1.png Helpline
TEWLS Law Info TEWLS (Top End Women’s Legal Service)
Text based resources about this topic


Property damage

This web page has information for young people about car accidents and property damage.


This web page has information for young people about car insurance.


This web page has information for young people about what to do if you’ve had a car accident or been injured in a car accident. 

What to do if you receive a letter of demand.

NT Government factsheet.

Letters of Demand

NT Law Factsheet.

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What’s the Law – Car Accidents

Video simply explaining what you should do after a car accident.


Glossary: What these words mean


Mediation is a process where you and your partner try to work through relationship problems with someone who can help direct the conversation. This person is called a mediator. A mediator is an independent person. This means they are not on your side or your partner’s side.


A way to protect people from losing money. You pay money to a company and if something happens—like an accident or injury—they pay for the costs.

small claim

When someone owes you money, goods or services up to $25,000 in the Northern Territory, you can go to the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal to ask them to pay it back.

letter of demand

A letter asking for payment because someone owes money or did something wrong. After a car accident, one person might send the other driver a letter of demand asking for money to pay for the damage to their car.

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