Sometimes people pretend to be your friend to get money from you. If you lend money to someone you met online, it could be a scam.

  • You may care about someone, but be careful giving them money. They may be tricking you.
  • Be careful about giving money to someone you haven’t met, or to someone you have only known for a short time. They could be trying to scam you.
  • Think about if that person can pay you back or not.
  • Call NT Consumer Affairs for help on 1800 019 319 or look at the Scamwatch website.


Who Can Help? (Service Providers)

logo-helpline-1.png Helpline
TEWLS Law Info TEWLS (Top End Women’s Legal Service)
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Glossary: What these words mean


A scam is when someone lies to get money or information from you.

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