Driving with a disqualified license is a serious offence in the NT. You will have to go to court.
Get advice from a lawyer before you go to court.
The judge will decide your punishment in court. The judge might give you a big fine or send you to prison.
You may also lose your licence for a longer time.


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About licences

Information from the MVR about licences.


Licence Suspension and Disqualification Factsheet

This factsheet is from the NT government and talks about licence suspension and disqualification.

Glossary: What these words mean

criminal offence

When a person breaks a criminal law, that is called a criminal offence.


When a licence is disqualified, you are not allowed to drive.


A licence lets you do something that other people without a licence can’t do. For example, a driver licence is a card or paper from the government that says you can drive. It says the kind of car, motorbike or truck that you can drive. You can use the licence until the expiry date. After the expiry date you need to renew it.

A gun licence (also called a firearm licence) is a card or paper from the Government that says you can use a gun. It says the kind of gun you can use and where you can use it.



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