Make sure the thing (product) is safe, and get any safety instructions -especially for baby products.
If you are buying from a private seller, you don’t have the same rights (protection) as when you buy from a shop.

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Text based resources about this topic


Buying a car

This web page has information for young people about buying a car.

QLD: Second-hand doesn’t have to mean second-rate safety

This web page shows the danger of buying second hand products that may be unsafe.

Second Hand Items- Refunds

This web page talks about your rights (protections) when you buy second hand items.

Markets and Pawnbrokers

This web page tells you about your rights (protections) when you buy things from markets, garage sales and second hand dealers.

Shopping Laws

Common questions about online shopping – from ebay, gumtree and swap meets.

Buying from a private seller online

What the law says about buying from a private seller online

Watch videos about this topic


Buying a car – Take a minute with your money

This video explains how to get the best deal on a car and on your loan, if you get one.


Second-hand Cot Saftey

This video shows what to look for when you buy a second hand cot.


Glossary: What these words mean

private seller

Someone who sells things, but not as part of a business. For example, someone who is selling their car on Gumtree or Carsales who doesn’t work as a car seller.

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