Superannuation (super) is your money. Your employer has to pay money to a super company where it's saved for you until you retire from work.

The law says that if you get paid more than $450 a month, your employer has to pay super
Your employer has to pay at least 9.5% of your income into a super fund

You do not get super while you are working in a CDP (Community Development Programme) job.

You can’t get your super until you retire from work and reach a certain age. The age depends when you were born.
Sometimes you can get your super early if you are very sick or in hardship.

Financial counsellors help people with money. Find a financial counselling service by calling 1800 007 007, or online here.


Who Can Help? (Service Providers)

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Text based resources about this topic


Superannuation for under 25s

This web page has information about super for young people under 25.

Super Guru: What is super?

This webpage explains what super is. Super Guru is an independent website that helps you understand and maximise your superannuation. It is a site for Australians of all ages and stages of their life, whether you’re studying, working, have kids or retiring.

Super and us mob

This booklet helps you understand super and how to get the most out of it for you and your family.

10 facts on superannuation

This short article tells you 10 facts about superannuation.

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Dealing with family pressure about money

Uncle Charlie is about to receive a big payment. See how he deals with pressure from his family and friends to give them money.


How super works (Arrernte)

This video talks about how super works (in Arrernte language).


What goes into your super?

This video explains what money goes into your super and who should be paid super.


ASIC’s Indigenous Help Line – 1300 365 957

In this video, Robynne Quiggin, Senior Manager of the Indigenous Outreach Team (ASIC) explains the Indigenous Help Line.


Superannuation – MoneySmart AU

In this video, Last Kinection talk about how they know plenty about music but not enough about their super.


Why is super important to you?

In this video, people talk about why super is important to them.


Unit 1: What is superannuation?

This video explains how superannuation works, how you contribute to it, and why it’s important for you.


What is superannuation?

This video explains what superannuation is.

This video is for your information only. This website is not connected with Australian Super. You get to choose what to do with your super.    


Glossary: What these words mean


The CDP (Community Development Programme)  helps people looking for jobs in remote Australia.


To stop working.


Financial hardship is when you want to pay your bills and debts, but you don’t have enough money because of changes to your situation. For example, you might have lost your job, separated from your partner, gotten sick, or had something else happen in your life.  

super fund

A special account that your super is paid into. 


The person or business you work for.

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