Breach (Yolngu Matha)

This audio explains the word breach in Yolngu Matha. Click here for more recordings like this.


This means to break a law, an agreement or an order (rule) made by the court. You breach something when you don’t do what it says.

What happens if I don’t follow the rules in a DVO?

If you do not follow the rules of a DVO, the police might arrest you or charge you with a breach of DVO, which is a crime. If police charge you with breaching a DVO you will go to court where a judge will decide what will happen. If a judge decides that you broke the...

What are the different kinds of DVOs?

A DVO can have different kinds of rules: Full non-contact: The defendant cannot be near or talk to the protected person. They cannot talk on Facebook, call or send text messages. Non-intoxication: The defendant cannot come near or talk to the protected person when...
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