Lawyer (Yolngu Matha)

This audio explains the word lawyer in Yolngu Matha. Click here for more recordings like this.

A lawyer can help

This video explains what a domestic violence order (DVO) is, how it can help you, and how a lawyer can help you sort things out.


A lawyer is a person who has special training to help people with legal problems and talk for them in court. (modified from the Plain English Legal Dictionary 2015)

The police charged me. What do I do?

The paper that police give you is called the charge sheet. There might be one charge on the paper or there might be a lot of charges on the paper. It depends on how many laws police say you broke. The police will also write down the story about what they say you did...

Going to Court

Booklet explaining what you should do to prepare for court and what will happen at court.
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