Someone who is looking after the house for the landlord and collecting rent money.

When can my landlord evict me (get me to move out)?

Your landlord or agent must give you a notice (a piece of paper) to end the tenancy agreement or lease. The paper must tell you the reason why the landlord is ending the lease and the date to leave. If you don’t agree with the reason, you don’t have to move out. If...

My landlord or agent won’t give back my bond. What do I do?

If you don’t know if you have a bond that you should get back, check this website run by NT Consumer Affairs. If your landlord wants to keep some or all of your bond money, they must tell you in a written notice: how much bond money they will keep the reason...

Something is broken in my house. Who should fix it?

When you move in:  When you move into a new rental place it is important to check if anything is broken. Your landlord must make sure your house is in good condition. Your landlord or agent should give you a condition report  within 3 business days after you move in...

Can my landlord or agent come to my house without telling me?

The landlord or agent must tell you why they want to come to your house. If they do not tell you why, you should ask for the reason. They can email you, send you an SMS or a letter telling you the reason why they want to come and what date and time they want to come....

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