I got caught drug driving. What happens now?

The judge decides the punishment for people who go to court for drug driving. The judge will think about: What kind of drugs the person took How much those drugs affected their driving. How many times the person was in trouble in the past for driving offences Most...

How do I register my car?

To register a car/motorbike/truck, the car must be roadworthy. Roadworthy means the car is safe to drive by law. You may need to take the car to a mechanic to check if it is roadworthy. You must go to the MVR and ask them to register the car. You must pay money...

How can I get a driver licence?

You have to apply to the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) for a learner licence. You must learn the road rules and pass a written test to get a learner licence. After you get your learner licence, you have to practice driving for at least 6 months before you can do a...

LawStuff Licences

This factsheet gives more information about licences and driving  

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