I’m having relationship problems. Where can I go for help?

Sometimes counselling can help you and other people work things out.

My partner and I are separating. What do I need to know?

There are no legal steps you have to take to separate. You will need to work out what to do about property, debts and children. Family dispute resolution (mediation) can help.

What happens to my children if we separate?

It is always best to talk with your ex-partner and agree together about your children.

How do I work out arrangements for my kids after separation?

If you separate and don’t agree about what will happen with your kids, the law says it is good to go to family dispute resolution (FDR).

I want custody of my children

When two parents can't agree about who the children live with and who the children spent time with, a family law judge will decide.
The law tells a family law judge what to think about when they decide about the children. They have to decide what is best for the children.

I am a Grandparent looking after my grandchild. What are my rights?

Sometimes grandparents might look after grandchildren for a long period of time.
Get legal advice if you are worried about the children and want to know what can happen.

How do I get a divorce?

A divorce is the legal step to end of marriage. You must apply for divorce online.

Centrelink said I have to get Child Support from the mother/father or they will stop my money. Can they do this?

The law says both parents of a child must give money to support the child.

How can a DVO protect my kids?

Children can also be protected by the rules in a DVO.
Children can be included as a protected person.
The DVO can have rules to tell a person not to do things in front of the children, like swear or be violent.

I am on a visa and my partner is violent. What can I do?

If your partner was violent to you and you left, you may be able to stay in Australia.
You may be able to stay even if you are not with your partner any more.
Ask a lawyer to explain the law and to help you.

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