I share a house with a person being violent. What can I do?

Short Answer

If you need help, call the Police on 131 444. In an emergency, call 000.

A judge can make a DVO rule to tell a violent person to leave the house. This is called a vacate order. Call the Legal Aid helpline for more information.

When there is domestic violence, a judge can end a lease, change a lease or make a new lease.

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My landlord or agent won’t give back my bond. What do I do?

Short Answer

Your landlord must give you back your bond by 7 business days after your lease ends. If they want to keep some or all of your bond they must tell you by 7 business days after your lease ends. If you don’t agree about how much bond you should get back, get legal advice from a lawyer.

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Something is broken in my house. Who should fix it?

Short Answer

Who pays to fix something depends on who broke it and how.

When something in the house is broken or stops working tell the landlord in writing.

There are rules about how long a landlord or agent can take to fix broken things.

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